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Introducing Kodactive.

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Say Goodbye — To Boring Print Statements

At Kodactive, we believe that coding should be a fun, interactive, and immersive experience for people of all ages and skill level.


Multiple devices, multiple levels

Using Kodactive is as simple as creating a free account. Once you create an account, you'll have access to our custom platform that will teach you how to code as well as program an RC car. Just starting out? Cool, code an RC car to move the way you want. Not big into RC car? Thats fine! At Kodactive we have a line of devices stemming from cars to drones to even robots!


Track your progress

Learn coding topic by topic. If you are a beginner, you can start by dragging and dropping code blocks. This will help you to think like a coder. After you have mastered the higher-level concepts of coding, we will transition into a text editor. Then, you will code like a coder in a language of you choice such as Java, JavaScript, C++, and many more!


Code anywhere, anytime

You practically code your Kodactive device anywhere! Whether your at school working on a project, or in the back of your car going back home from school, or even at home! Kodactive is accessible on both mobile and web applications so no matter what you have you can still learn to code!


Perfect for schools

Computer science is a field in high demand right now. Universities, high schools, and even elementary/middle schools are competing with each other to offer the best computer science programs. With Kodactive, students can begin coding actual hardware right in their computer labs!

Start coding — with a K


Sign up to create a free user account.


Order one or more of our Kodactive devices.


Log in from your phone or computer and begin coding! Then, watch your Kodactive device do exactly what you code it to do.

What people are saying about us.

After getting to meet the team and seeing the product in use, I fully believe Kodactive can change they way our kids are taught STEM. cutomer 1Blake Gudgel
Throughout my career, I have seen many educational tools. Kodactive has to be, by far, the most intutive product I have seen to date. The lessons are simple and flow easily, and the experience of making the car move under your own control is extraordinary! cutomer 2Douglas McCormack

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Beginner package


Great for beginners with Kodactive.

  • faceGreat for Beginners
  • tramComes with 1 device of your choice
  • codeAll the essentials you need to start coding with a K
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Intermediate Package


Double up on the fun!

  • faceGreat for Beginners
  • tramComes with 2 devices of your choice
  • codeAll the essentials you need to start coding with a K
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Class package


Teach your students using Kodactive.

  • faceGreat for students
  • tramComes with classroom set of 30 devices
  • codeAll the essentials you need for your students to start coding with a K
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